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Wooden Models

In this technological age, you might wonder if making wooden models is still a current hobby. But there's no substitute for working with wood. Its easy to use, you can glue it, pin it, paint it, varnish it,- in other words  you can make it do what you want.  In an era when everything seems to require instant gratification, you can take your time with wood,  get back to basics, and enjoy spending the time building whatever you choose - boats, planes, etc.

We sell a wide range of woods in strip form or different profiles.  Mahogany, walnut, obechi, lime, beech, balsa, spruce etc.  These are mostly available in store because they come in 36 inch lengths which make postage difficult since Royal Mail changed its parcel sizes.

You can either build from scratch or we have a variety of wooden model kits  - boats and planes to choose from.

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