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If there is one thing in a model shop which does not require batteries or fuel its a Kite!  The wind is free so once you have bought a kite, its a cheap day out with the kids.  But you don't have to be a kid to enjoy a kite.  We have huge sport kites, power kites  and other  different types and sizes to appeal to every age group.

It is important to buy the right kite for the person who is going to use it.  Some of the larger power kites e.g the Cirrus range, can literally lift you off your feet! The Brookite range of kites display an age range and a wind speed recommendation on the package to help you choose the right one.  Their range has sport kites, traditional single line kites, fun kites, dual line kites, as well as tiny fun ones to fit in your pocket.  Its good idea to keep a small one in the car boot so if ever you find yourself on the beach or in a park and its a windy day, you can have some fun.

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