60 Minute Speeed Epoxy II

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Deluxe Materials AD-71 Speed Epoxy II 3.5 tonne 60 minutes

Z / N / TT / HO / OO / O / Gauge 1 / G / Slot Cars

This new addition to the Speed Epoxy II range has been tested to over 3.5 tonnes (8,412 psi/ 58N/mm2) thus setting the industry standard for high strength epoxy glues and thus outdating many others. Like its companion 4min and 20min grades it sets hard, clear & sandable. This new formulation uses epoxy resin and hardener systems carefully matched to give high strength across gaps at 1:1 ratio, and yet tolerate slight mixing errors found in normal use. Speed Epoxy II 3.5 tonne is packed in new attractive black high gloss box and the bottles are fitted with an easy flowing ‘witch’s hat’ nozzle each with its convenient own colour coded over-cap to match the label.

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