Aerokote High Gloss Finish 2 Part Fuel Proofer 150ml

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Aerokote High Gloss Finish 2 part Fuel Proofer 150ml

A very hard wearing twin pack fuel proofer with resistance to all types of fuel. Touch dry (and tack free) in 5-10 minutes and full fuel resistance is achieved in 2-3 days leaving a gloss finish. Ideal for brush or spray applications. A 50/50 mix of gloss and semi matt gives a realistic scale surface that covers and hides blemishes in the finish. Avoid contact with polystyrene foam.

Of all the finishes you can apply Aerokote is the ultimate. Resistant to hot alcohol, gasoline or kerosene containing high nitro methane and mineral, castor, synthetic ester, or poly-glycol synthetic oils.

Contents 150ml.