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4 Jaw Pin Vice GM610 4 Jaw Pin Vice GM610
In stock
Gaugemaster GM610 Double Ended Pin Vice Features two reversible collets 0-2.9mm and an anti roll, six sided body.
Contour Sander by Amati Contour Sander by Amati
In stock
Excel Swivel Head Pin Vise Excel Swivel Head Pin Vise
In stock
EXCEL 55661 SWIVEL HEAD PIN VISE Capacity from 0 to .125" For small drills, taps, burrs, etc. Contains 2 double end collets. Used for drilling and tapping
Loom A Line by Amati Loom A Line by Amati
In stock
Amati Loom a Line Loom-a-line is a handy rigging jig for ship models of all kinds and dimensions. Using this tool shroud rigging will be done very easily. Now you can ensure equal tension on all your lines and tie perfect knots.
Mantua 8178 Clamping Pegs (3) Mantua 8178 Clamping Pegs (3)
In stock
Mantua Models Wooden Clamping Pegs Pack of 3 A very useful item in the tool box its like an extra hand holding those awkward parts till they dry. You get three in a packet
Mantua Models Plier Type Wood Strip Bender Mantua Models Plier Type Wood Strip Bender
In stock
Plier Type Wood Strip Bender by Mantua 8151 PLANK  or STRIP BENDER If you are making a model boat or ship, you will find one of these strip benders or plank benders really useful. Trying to bend the strips of wood correctly without one is tricky so why make life more difficult than it needs to be? With this you can also form tight or easy bends, and if needed put a twist in at the same time. This…
Mantua Models Waterline Marker Mantua Models Waterline Marker
In stock
Mantua Models 8186 Waterline Marker Description Simple tool makes marking the waterline on most model ships/boats a simple job! Use your choice of pencil, pen or marker (not supplied)
Pin Pusher with Depth Stop Pin Pusher with Depth Stop
In stock
Pin Pusher, Wooden Handle, With Depth Stop This has the added advantage of an adjustable depth stop to ensure that all pins are pushed 'home' to the same depth. It is ideal for setting miniature n-gauge rail track on to board or for nailing tasks on wooden boat models, dolls houses and picture frames. -Handle Colour May Vary
Planet Working Bench by Amati Planet Working Bench by Amati
In stock
Planet Working Bench by Amati The multi function worktable for the model maker / miniaturist. Not only is it a fretsaw cutting table, but it can be used for a multitude of other jobs. 3 slots built into the table for holding stripwood while it is sawn, sanded, drilled, etc. These slots are 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm. A series of locating holes to take the turned aluminium pegs used as supports when filing…
Rigging Tool by Amati Rigging Tool by Amati
In stock
Amati Rigging Tool 7375-23 Rigging "Stick and String" models can have problems.  However, Amati has produced tiems to help the modeller.  One problem that occurs paticularly towards the end of rigging is reaching across the model to belay or reposition rope.  This tools is designed to act as a third hand for those awkward rigging jobs. Colour may vary.
The Gripper Vice by Amati The Gripper Vice by Amati
In stock
The Gripper Vice by Amati A vice for the model maker. 4 aluminium pegs which locate in any of the 64 holes to hold any shape. Supplied with 2 clamps to secure gripper to the bench. Width: 108mm Max opening: 114mm


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