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Dolls Houses

The miniature world of Dolls Houses is almost as big as real houses!
There is just so much to choose from whether you wish to make the house
yourself either from a ready made kit or from scratch from a plan. Then
there is all the furniture, fixtures and fittings to choose. Again
there are kits of furniture to build and finish in colours of your
choice, or ready made furniture from chairs and tables to dolls houses
(for a dolls house!), as well as wallpapers, carpets, external brick
and tile finishes.

Dolls houses are made in a variety of periods such as Tudor, Victorian,
Georgian, Regency or contemporary. Then there are the figures and
furnishings to choose from in the appropriate period. You can even buy
plates of food and things such as milk bottles, or telephones. There
really is a huge choice. There are also model garages, traditional
forts, castles. airports, farms and other buildings which loosely come
under the umbrella of dolls houses.

You don't have to be a little girl to enjoy having a dolls house.
People of all ages enjoy building and furnishing them . The whole
family can become involved in choosing the details - it really is a
hobby for everyone!

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