Etronix ET0012 56.0g HD Metal Geared Std Servo 9.0kg

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ET0012 Etronix 9.0kg Heavy Duty Metal Geared Standard Servo

Etronix's new standard size all metal geared 9kg rated servo is the perfect choice for cost conscious RTR owners looking to upgrade their stock units. Ideally suited to crawlers and 1/8th buggies and trucks it rugged and strong drivetrain will help eliminate those annoying servo failures.

Spec Check:

Weight: 56g 1.98oz

Torque: 9kg-cm (5v) 10.2kg-cm / (7.2v)

Dim: 40.8x20.1x38mm

Speed: 0.18 sec/60 degree (5v) / 0.16 sec/60 degree (7.2v)

Please note that 5.0V-7.2V is the testing range. 6V is the usual work load voltage.