Excel Sanding Stick with sanding belt

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SANDING STICK 55700 BY EXCEL (Colour may vary)

Polishing And Sanding Stick

This handtool is 6 1/2 inches long (16 cm) and 15 mm wide (1/2") so it fits neatly and easily into your hand.

This really useful tool can be used for all sorts of things, metal finishing, woodworking, ceramics, electronics, pattern making auto-body finishing, mould finishing, jewelry making, dental devise making, taxidermy and on and on........

It is a plastic handtool over which a sanding belt is fitted and as you wear away one bit of the belt you just move the belt along a bit, so its lasts ages! Its easy to hold and fits into awkward places.

The stick comes in various colours according to the batch and may not be yellow as in the picture.