Plastic Weld 57ml by EMA

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You've probably seen that fence paint advert which says something like

"It does what it says on the tin"

Well, this does what it says on the bottle - but it doesn't just stick plastic - it welds it together!

It does this by dissolving a thin film on each surface to be joined then evaporates very quickly forming a welded joint- one as strong as the surrounding plastic. For best results, hold the pieces to be joined; use a small brush to apply Plastic Weld. Capillary action will spread it the length and breadth of the joint, forming a continuous solid weld. If the brush stiffens when dry, dip in Plastic Weld to soften.

It can be used to cement any of the following plastics to each other, or in any combination;

Styrene, Butyrate, ABS, Acrylic (Lucite or Plexiglas) Perspex

Do not use on Styrofoam.

Will not stick glass or nylon reinforced plastics eg car door handles or structural plastics.

Supplied in a glass bottle .

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