R1266 Family Fun Extension Pack No 1

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Hornby R1266 Family Fun Extension Pack No 1


Have you completed your Family Fun Poject layout and wondering what to do next? The Hornby Family Fun Extension Pack 1 is the first of two optional expansion packs and contains everything you need to extend your new model railway and bring a whole new depth of life to your amazing layout.

What's in Extension Pack 1?

With an individual selling price worth £230.38 this pack offers great value including the following items: -

SKU Product Quantity

R3586 R/R BR Schools 'Sevenoaks' x1

R4672 SR Wheel coach x2

R9849 Farm Outhouse x1

R7120 Farm Animals x1

R7155 Tractor x1

R574 Trackside Accs x1

R171 Signal - Home x1

R083 Buffer Stop x1

R8073 Right Hand Point x1

R600 Straight x1

R606 2nd Radius Curve x1

What is the Family Fun Project?

The Family Fun Project is an exciting new initiative which helps you and your family to build a beautiful scenic layout. The Starter Pack includes everything you need to build the layout, plus helpful step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process. This is the perfect introduction to model railways!

Looking to extend your layout even further?

Hornby are offering a second Extension Pack  (R1267) which includes two Coke wagons, a Land Rover and a collection of Farm People