R3167 BR 4-6-0 Glastonbury Abbey 4000 Class

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BR 4-6-0 'Glastonbury Abbey' 4000 Class


The Star Class was a G. J. Churchward designed locomotive for Mixed Traffic work. Construction of the production class commenced in 1907 and continued until 1923. During that time some 72 were built.

These locomotives saw service right up to British Railways days, however by the early 1950s the majority of the class had been scrapped with the final locomotive, 'Glastonbury Abbey’ being withdrawn in 1957. 'Lode Star' is the only member of the class that has survived and can been seen at the 'Steam' Museum, Swindon.

Class: 4000

Designer: G.J. Churchward

Entered Service: 1907

Number Built: 73

Purpose: Mixed Traffic

Wheel Configuration: 4-6-0

Dimensions: 251mm