R3504TTS Class 08 DB Schenker 08623 with TTS Sound

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R3504TTS Class 08 'DB Schenker' '08623' with TTS Sound


The British Railways Class 08 0-6-0 diesel electric shunter, developed from the similar LMS design, eventually became British Railways’ largest, and probably most recognised, fleet of locomotives. The last of the LMS designs was completed in June 1952 and October that year the first two locomotives, 13000 and 13001, were sent for trials at Toton, using the same English Electric EE6K 350hp power unit as the LMS designs. 996 units were built between 1952 and 1962 at BR’s workshops in Crewe, Darlington, Derby, Doncaster and Horwich and over 300 still remain in traffic.

Numbering of the class in the 13xxx series continued until June 1957, with 13357, when the ‘1’ was dropped and replaced with the identifier ‘D’. Those 13xxx series locomotives were eventually renumbered by mid-1962, only to be renumbered again from September 1973 under the TOPS scheme as 08xxx. Up to 1957, all locomotives had been delivered in plain black livery, with red buffer beams, after this date the delivery livery was changed to plain green with red buffer beams. Yellow and black chevrons were added on the ends later, with the BR blue livery starting in late 1966.

Locomotive 08623 was delivered from Derby Works in October 1959, being renumbered from D3790 on December 31, 1973. 08623 was the second of Bescot Yard’s Class 08 shunters to be repainted in Schenker’s distinctive red livery.

Function list

F0 Headlight/rearlight

F1 Engine start/stop

F2 Whistle long

F3 Whistle 2 bursts

F4 Brake squeal

F5 Notch up

F6 Notch down

F7 Return to idle

F8 Thrash

F9 Cold start override

F10 Horn 3 bursts

F11 Horn 2 bursts

F12 Reverser

F13 Air release

F14 Air dump

F15 Detonator

F16 Couple

F17 Un-couple

F18 Primer

F19 Exhauster

F20 Compressor

F21 Handbrake

F22 Spirax valve

F23 Flange squeal

F24 Metal door

F25 Aux