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Radio control (often abbreviated to R/C or simply RC) is the use of
radio signals to remotely control a device. Radio control is used for
control of model vehicles from a hand-held radio transmitter.
Industrial, military, and scientific research organizations make use of
radio-controlled vehicles as well.

RC cars have been around for a long time. RC cars can be electric i.e.
run on batteries, or nitro fuel. Larger scale RC cars such as 1:5 or
1:6th scale can also run on petrol but we do not stock those as we do
not have enough space to put them!

RC cars can be off road buggies, monster or stadium trucks. On road
cars are also available which can run on a smooth tarmac surface or
others which run on carpet (mainly the racing models).

Cars come in different scales from 1:12, 1:16, 1:10. and 1:8 and of
course different prices. It is important to buy the right car for the
right person. For instance we do not recommend nitro cars for
youngsters. They are much better off starting with an electric car
which is much easier to manage and just as fast.

Most RC cars nowadays are made ready to run (RTR). This usually means
that you only need to buy some AA batteries for the transmitter (in an
electric car) and for the transmitter and the car itself in a nitro car.
Cheap and cheerful is not the order of the day for the AA
batteries. Good quality batteries must always be used. Many of the
problems associated with running these cars can be attributed to
inadequate batteries. The secret to choosing a good AA battery is by
feeling the weight. The heavier the battery , the better.

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