SL-108F Bullhead Flexible Track Code 75 wooden sleeper type track

Code: BA3133
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Peco SL-108F OO/HO Code 75 Finescale Track with Chaired Bullhead Section Rail and Wood Sleepers

Peco's latest product is a new and welcome addition to the Streamline track range featuring British chaired bullhead section track, as used throughout the 'steam era' and still in widespread use today. Featuring a sleeper design that replicates as closely as possible the correct scale for 4mm (OO) scale, and accurate representation of rail chair detail, this track will be fully compatible with existing Code 75 Streamline track (eg. points) and can be connected to the Code 100 ranges using the transition tracks SL-113.

Peco engineers have sought to make this track as realistic as possible while maintaining clearances for RP25 and finescale wheel standards and retaining the robustness for which the Peco brand is known.