SL-190 Double Slip, Code 75

Code: AB5782
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Peco SL-190 Double Slip Fine Standard Cde 75 HO/OO

Nominal radius 610mm, angle 12 degrees, length 249mm. Length & angles match the SL-194 Long Crossing

SL-E190 Electrofrog version also available

Code 75 Finescale is for those enthusiasts who wish to operate trains on scale height rail. Most modern manufacturers currently produce locomotives and rolling stock suitable for use with Code 75 track. However, the advice is - test your rolling stock on a Finescale turnout before deciding to use Fine Trackage as flanges and back-to-back dimensions often vary.

Most Finescale Streamline turnouts (points) are only available with 'live' frogs - Electrofrog, except for the long & short crossings and the single and double slips which are also available with 'dead' frogs - Insulfrog.

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