ST-244 Right Hand Curved Point

Code: AB6100
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Peco ST-244 Curved Double Radius Setrack Insulfrog Right Hand Turnout

Setrack Code100 rail compatible with Code 100 Streamline track.

Can be used to connect between No.2 & No.3 radius curves, 11.25 degrees angle.

The solid nickle silver rails of setrack OO/HO Insulfrog* Turnouts and crossings are integrally moulded into the sleeper bases for maximum realism and strengh. Fitted with an over-centre spring for immediate hand control (no extra levers to buy or fit), they automatically isloate the track not in use. for remote control on permanent layouts the Peco Turnout Motor PL-10 can be fitted. Curved double radius Turnout Angle:11.25 degrees Right hand.

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