Tamiya Panther Ausf.D Pz.Kpfw.Panther Ausf.D (Sd.Kfz.171) 1:35

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Tamiya 35345 Panther Ausf.DPz.Kpfw.Panther Ausf.D 1:35 Plastic Model Kit

This 1/35 Military Miniature Series model kit depicts the German Panther, a WWII AFV developed by Germany to combat the mighty Russian T-34. Given the importance of stopping the T-34 as the Russians turned the tide in WWII, the Panther was a priority and this was emphasized by armored warfare expert Heinz Guderian's role in the design process. The Panther packed a powerful L/70 7.5cm gun (rumored to have taken out a T-34 at 3km) and combined it with excellent mobility and a 55km/h top speed. Just as importantly, it made great use of T-34-inspired sloped armor, up to 80mm in places. As things turned out, development of the Panther was rushed as the German situation worsened, and this led to severe reliability problems in engagements such as the Battle of Kursk in July 1943. Despite that, it proved offensively and defensively highly capable. The Ausf.D was the initial variant of the Panther; 842 were manufactured between January and September 1943.

Product Specifications:

Paint and glue not included

Construction type: Assembly kit

Photo-etch parts: Not included

Decals: Included

Special feature 1: 1 Newly-tooled kit captures the form of the Panther Ausf.D with sloped armour, and long 7.5cm gun.

Special feature 2: Ausf.D-specific features include: smoke dischargers and rear panel layout.

Special feature 3: Belt type tracks.

Special feature 4: 1-piece molded gun barrel features separate muzzle brake parts.

Special feature 5: All hatches on the model (excluding small arms port), plus gun travel lock are moving parts.

Special feature 6: Radiator and fan are reproduced using separate parts, for a highly detailed finish.

Special feature 7: Turret rear has opening escape hatch.

Special feature 8: Built-in poly caps ensure that the wheel assembly is a straightforward process, and that wheels move after the model is finished.

Special feature 9: Commander torso figure plus full body crew figure included.

Special feature 10: 3 marking options include Battle of Kursk unit.

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