Tamiya T34/85 Russian Tank 1:35

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Tamiya T34/85 Russian Tank 1:35

The T34/85 was built with the aim of overpowering the new and improved German Tiger and Panther tanks which the Russian forces were encountering. It was given a powerful 85mm main gun and a 3-man turret enclosed by cast-iron heavy armor, while the hull featured sloped armor. Nonetheless, it was a relatively lightweight vehicle and thanks to the power supplied by the 500hp V-12 diesel engine was very maneuverable.

Around 29,000 were produced between late 1943 and June 1945, and together with its predecessor the T34/76 it provided the impetus for the Russian advance on Berlin.


This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit of the long-serving T34/85, which featured in WWII and the Korean War.

Length: 235mm, Width: 88mm.

Sloped armor on the hull is replicated faithfully, as is the rough finish of the cast iron which is characteristic of Russian tanks. Weld joints are also accurately recreated.

Features moveable long-barreled 85mm main gun.

Gunner's rail on hull and other details are depicted using separate parts.

Commander and Gunner hatches are openable.

Choose from decals to recreate the markings of 4 WWII and 1 Korean War tank.