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Matchstick Modelling

It is appropriate that as a retailer in Stockton on Tees, we sell
matchstick models because the friction match was invented here in
Stockton on Tees!

The friction match was invented in 1829 by John Walker who as a young
man was apprenticed to the local surgeon. However, he found he had an
aversion to surgical operations and turned instead to chemistry. He was
interested in finding a way of obtaining fire easily. Although chemical
mixtures existed to ignite by a sudden explosion, it had not been
possible to transmit the flame to wood. He found the solution by
accident and immediately started producing the fiction match. A box of
50 matches in 1829 cost one shilling (equivalent to 5p today.).

Of course the matches used in the matchstick modelling kits do not have
the chemical tips to strike.

There is a huge range of models to choose from. There are trains, boats,
windmills, steam rollers, gypsy caravans, fire engines, clocks, and many
famous buildings such as Big Ben, or the Taj Mahal.

Making these models is a hobby which appeals to many ages. The kits all
come with instructions and in some cases, paper formers to work from.
Matchstick cutters and glue are required to complete the models, but
part from that all you need is time and patience.

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