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Wooden Boat Kits and Accessories

If you have time to fill, then building a wooden model boat can be a
rewarding experience. Apart from the boat itself, you need to make sure
you have a space at home which you can call your own, and not be
badgered into tidying it up or away every evening. Building a model is
a long term project. You are not going to finish it in an evening or a
week or a month. Some of the larger models take some people a year to
complete as they can be very detailed. But that is what they are there
for - to fill your time and stretch your skills and patience.

If you are a beginner, then do not choose a huge kit. The bigger the
kit, usually the more pieces and the greater the complexity. Choose a
modest kit which should cost under £100 pounds and regard it as a
learning curve, You will hone your skills and when it is finished, you
will be able to look forward to choosing a more complex model next time.

In addition to the kit itself you will find you need some tools to go
with it. Some kits, such as some in the Constructo range, include a
number of hand tools in the kit so it is worth looking at these if you
are just starting out on this hobby. You need not buy all the necessary
tools at the beginning, as you can collect them as you go along. You
will need various glues and paint or varnish as well.

Most wooden model kits are static models, but there are kits available
which you can make into radio controlled versions. Some of these kits
have a plastic hull and the superstructure is wooden. This obviously
helps to ensure the boat is watertight.

Whichever boat kit you choose, try not to rush it. It doesn't matter if
you go on holdiay for two weeks and leave it. You can just pick it up
again whenever you have time.

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